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Live Seed for Live Birds!

Birds R Us seed blends are comprised of high germination rate seeds selected and formulated for their different nutritional benefits to birds.


Live Seed Matters!  Live seed is more nutritious for your birds.  Take the Birds R Us challenge and plant the finch seed you are using now in a small pot next to any Birds R Us seed blend.  Keep the potting soil moist and wait and see what happens.  Then you decide which seed is best for your birds.  You may be surprised by the results! 


Premium Finch Blend


The perfect maintenance blend for mixed flights of finches, Birds R Us Premium Finch Blend is comprised of large and small millets, grass seeds, whole oat groats and steel cut oat groats to satisfy the needs of both finches that prefer larger seeds and finches that prefer smaller seeds.


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Premium Herb Seed 


The seeds in Premium Herb Seed have been carefully selected to provide a wide range of amino acids, fatty acids, carotenoids, and trace elements.  Feeding Premium Herb Seed will enhance the breeding of most seed eating birds.  Offer Premium Herb Seed as a supplement to Premium Finch Blend during the Breeding and Molting Seasons.


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American Grown
EarlyBird "Live" Niger Seed 
American grown "Live" niger seed (sometimes called niger thistle) is not really a thistle at all.  Relished by American Goldfinches, EarlyBird "Live" Niger Seed is also favored by Siskins, European Goldfinches, and Canaries and can be fed pure or used in your own custom blends.
Breeding & Moulting Blend 


Comprised of high germination rate live seeds formulated for their different nutritional benefits to birds.  This is the higher protein, higher fat dry seed blend your finches require for breeding and moulting.  Displayed in a seed hopper which is more sanitary and more efficient than seed cups and seed trays, seed hoppers will cut your seed cost by about 70% through much less wasted seed. 


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